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Warehouse solutions

If you need to set up or want to improve your warehouse operation but are unsure about where to start or how to do it well, we will provide the guidance. The objective is not about cutting operational costs, it is about cutting waste in the warehouse. This distinction is very important because if the aim is solely to cut cost, you could also be cutting capability. At Warehouse Focus, the aim of cutting waste is to eliminate cost without affecting capability.

The under performing warehouse

Why are there so many warehouses under-performing? One of the reasons is that businesses have built warehouses to store and not to distribute. At Warehouse Focus, we see the warehouse as a distribution hub, the philosophy is productivity balanced against storage. If a trade off is required, productivity should come first. Businesses typically lose money because they can’t deliver. A business survives on cash flow, not assets, so it is important for inventory to keep moving. Ease of inventory movement in a warehouse must be a pillar of design.

Deficient processes and procedures

When people think of the warehouse, they think of the physical building. There is also a logical warehouse. The logical warehouse is the information system that is necessary to ensure all the checks and balances are done. Where a substandard logical warehouse exists or the logical warehouse is not aligned to the physical warehouse, you lose inventory.
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The REMEMBER Warehouse Management System does not work! At Warehouse Focus, warehouse process development is what we do so that the overall solution needs to be inclusive of both the physical and the logical environment.

There is no formal training for warehouse solution development

Warehousing and distribution design is not formally taught at any schools or universities as a specific unit; yet it should be. This is because of the specialised multi-disciplinary nature and complexity of warehousing.
The areas of knowledge required for warehouse design cover operations, information systems, information technology, engineering and finance specific to warehousing. With this scope of varied requirements, warehouse education does not fit neatly into any traditional educational discipline.


Proficiency across these areas tends to only be acquired through a combination of formal education within general disciplines taught at Universities and Technical Schools, operational hands-on experience in the warehouse, and design exposure of systems.

Warehouse knowledge

As a consequence, very few individuals are provided such opportunities and even fewer can bring together all the pieces to arrive at a full understanding. The scarcity of knowledge in this area globally has led to many distribution operations being built on ad-hoc processes and systems through evolutionary stages. Using Warehouse Focus takes out the ad-hoc approach of process and procedural design. Our philosophy is to ensure process and procedure complements layout where everything is done for a valid reason.

No master plan in place

Because of the multi-disciplinary facets of expertise required to bring a warehouse together, a master plan is rarely in place as an overall reference for guidance. Warehouse development in the hope of improvement occurs on an as needed basis, as a result a high risk of dysfunctional interfaces exists between site management, operator competencies, IT, warehouse layout, transport and other business units.

Symptoms and problems

From experience, one of the most common sources of inefficiency is the interaction between teams. Without this recognition, identifying the root cause of a problem can be difficult. When specific specialist subject matter experts are called in and advice is sought to overcome the issue, the advice given is usually specific to a narrow channel of expertise. Consequently, without a detailed appreciation of the bigger picture, they often treat the symptom and not the root cause.


At Warehouse Focus, the master plan for warehouse development is provided as part of our normal advisory service for any project embarked upon. This ensures that all warehouse interfaces operate in a synergistic manner. 
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