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Knowledge management solutions

The execution and maintenance of an effective and efficient operation comes down to knowledge management. Successful operations are typified by a combination of well documented procedures and training. If knowledge is not transferred through structured targeted training, core understanding gets diluted. At this point, procedural errors are reinforced to the point where an inefficient and ineffective process element becomes standard operating procedure.


Do you have checkers checking checkers? A checker is only embedded into a process if there is little trust in the upstream procedure. Have you heard operators say that “the process is broken” but if you ask them what the proper process is, they really don’t know. Alternatively, does every operator have a different opinion of what the correct process is with no consensus? If this sounds like what you are experiencing, assistance is required.

Transferring knowledge

How does Warehouse Focus transfer knowledge to your business? Firstly, it must be recognised that different phases of transformational change require different skill sets at each phase. The three broad phases of transformational change are Planning and Design, Execution and Maintenance.

Our assistance

In providing assistance to your business, Warehouse Focus contributes technical knowledge to the development of a warehouse operations plan. Following the planning and design phase, training workshops are provided. Design knowledge is then progressively handed over to the business Project Champions who are also the businesses Project Managers for implementation.


Individuals best suited for these roles are those who are organised and methodical. During this phase, Warehouse Focus assumes a lesser role but continues to provide support as a facilitator. When the majority of the elements of change are implemented, the Distribution Manager and the Project Champions are now fully equipped and tasked with maintenance and the continuation of knowledge transfer.

Master plan integration

A successful project for Warehouse Focus is where we are no longer needed within the business because the warehouse master plan is in place. No systemic challenges remain and logistics managers, through to team leaders, are fully equipped to execute continuous warehouse improvement.
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