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New warehouse solutions

If you are considering a new warehouse, either building or moving into an existing site, engage us at the earliest possible stage. We will assess the feasibility of any strategy with the business objective in mind and provide the necessary expert advice for a successful solution plan.

Applying design

For optimal outcomes, it is best to design from the inside out, in other words, agree on the internal fit out, then find or construct a building to suit. Doing it the other way around increases the risk of compromises or even finding out that the building is too small or too large for the operation. Believe it or not, this happens quite often.
Exterior of warehouse design

Facilitating a build

In facilitating the build of a new warehouse, Warehouse Focus will assist with the following:
  • Provide a concept building layout so that an estimated land bank requirement is known
  • Provide the client with CAD drawings of concept designs for submission to developers and builders
  • Liaise with builders regarding building specifications for a construction tender
  • Amend fit out designs to suit the developer’s building plans
  • Issue specifications to storage and automation integrators for project quotations
  • Assist clients in selecting the storage and automation integration partner
  • Assist with the project management of the warehouse fit out through to the execution phase
  • Any other activities that are identified
Exterior of warehouse with loading trucks in Melbourne
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