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Functional warehouse design 

Warehouse Focus has been established with a specific aim to meet market demand for a specialist advisory service on warehouse design and warehousing operations. It is for businesses seeking to improve their current distribution centre activities, and/or establish a new warehouse. Often, when it comes to warehousing where the business is not a 3rd Party Logistics Provider, this functional area takes second place.


Sales, marketing and finance are typically perceived to sit at a higher level in the hierarchy of corporate priorities. The reality is that a focus on warehouse design along with warehousing operations is extremely pivotal in delivering the company’s goals and strategy because it is this asset group, that reaches out and retains the customer at a sustainable cost level. A scan of blogs on the web related to retail and industrial products post-purchase reveals that the majority of consumer gripes are aimed at product quality and/or delivery

Our focus

At Warehouse Focus, we are all about providing consulting services to expertly guide a business on a journey of transformational change. This is achieved through the development of a master plan and its implementation in the areas of:
  • Storage and material handling systems
  • Concept building design to complement the solution
  • Inventory profiling
  • Logical processes for the Warehouse Management System
  • Complementary physical procedures in administration, manual handling and traffic management
This way, Warehouse Focus finds the solutions to develop the warehouse delivery system and address the challenges facing the warehouse. 


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In the evolution of most business, warehousing only becomes a priority when the cost of operation rises to a point where it is noticed. If your warehouse is not coping with demand and requirements exceed capability, if your warehouse is at capacity and you need a new warehouse, or you are wondering whether you have a warehousing or inventory problem, you should contact Warehouse Focus.

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Located in Melbourne, Australia, Warehouse Focus undertakes consulting projects anywhere in Australia, New Zealand and internationally.
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