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3D visualisation for warehouse design

In addition to 2 dimensional CAD plan and elevation layouts, Warehouse Focus has the in-house capability to provide 3D visualisations of a warehouse layout solution. The visualisation is used to improve solution understanding and concept appreciation. Visualisations are most effectively used to convey operational explanations, business development support for presentations and business case understanding. Visualisations produced can comprise of a combination of rendered stills, fly though animations and stage build animations.

Benefits of 3D

Many people find it difficult to picture a warehouse solution from 2D plan and elevation drawings. Visualisations assist to overcome this problem. The way we look at it, a visualisation serves as an important tool in facilitating warehouse solution understanding.

Third party logistics providers

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3PLs are continually seeking new contracts to increase their portfolio. Pivotal to winning a new contract is price and client confidence in the solution being offered. This occurs during the business development phase with a number of challenges to be solved such as contract terms, operational transition from in-house to 3PL or 3PL to 3PL, disaster recovery measures, service level perceptions and equity in the business relationship.

Supplementary services

Warehouse Focus is available to provide 3PLs with solution design assistance for business development support services. The aim is not to assume the 3PL’s role in business development with the target client, but to supplement where required with services such as analysis, design and solution visualisation to support the business development function.

Independent assessments

Warehouse Focus is also available to provide an assessment of warehouse operations on behalf of 3PL clients where the client has requested an independent assessment of the contracted operation. The assessment serves to benchmark key activities and to provide equally to the 3PL and the 3PL client, a quantitative and qualitative review of performance without any perception of bias or judgement.
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