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Warehouse operational improvement

Warehouse improvement of an existing site requires detailed knowledge of operational processes and procedures compliant to the industry in which the business is operating. In all warehouses, basic processes are common such as receiving, replenishment, picking, packing and despatch.


Adding to this, there are also a complex array of environmental factors specific to the industry including:
  • Statutory requirements
  • Value added services for products
  • Environmental considerations such as temperature control
  • Tight delivery schedules
  • Product handling
  • Safety
  • Inventory management controls
  • Customer demands
  • Order quantity variation
  • Product characteristic
Inventory device on top of boxes
Inventory control diagram

Meeting demands

In striving to improve how your current warehouse works, Warehouse Focus will take into account inventory, storage, slotting and layout of your warehouse. We also consider the use of WMS logic, physical movement and product handling, travel, safety and any other relevant variables that affect or influence the operation of the warehouse. The aim is to provide a total solution that will meet current and predicted business demands and provide a foundation for adapting to market dynamics.
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