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Operational analysis service

If there is an efficiency problem in your warehouse, it is always attributable to a combination of factors; not just a single one. A single issue in a transactional process is not one problem but a multiplication of the number of times this process is repeated.
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In seeking to identify the problem, these thoughts are foremost for Warehouse Focus. To achieve improvement, an accurate picture of current operations needs to be captured to establish a baseline. We do this by reviewing the warehouse operation through on-site observation, data analysis and information interpretation. Data is typically obtained from the Enterprise Resource Planning and/or Warehouse Management System. 

Analysing data

Through a quantitative and qualitative study, a very accurate picture of current operational behaviour can be obtained. When undertaking this work component, it often reveals many aspects of the operation that businesses are either unaware of, or knew there was an issue but could not assess the extent. At this stage, Warehouse Focus can advise the client whether the business has an inventory challenge, storage challenge, process challenge or all the above.
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